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About Sarongs
What is a Sarong?
How to Tie a Sarong


What is a Sarong?

A sarong is a garment of clothing that consists of a simple rectangular length of fabric that is wrapped around the lower part of the body and tucked in or tied at the waist.

Traditionally, sarongs have been worn by men, women and children in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands. Throughout the world sarongs have been known to have a range of names, that include a 'pareo', 'surong', 'toga' and 'kanga'.

Sarongs come in a range of fabrics and are most common in silk, cotton and synthetic fabrics. Both traditional and modern sarongs are handmade with great effort and detail made into the garment, some featuring magnificent embroidery, beading and colorful patterns.

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In more recent times, sarongs are worn around the world as a cover-up at the beach. Sarongs have also been known to be used in a great many ways and can function as an entire wardrobe.

By folding, wrapping, twisting and tying, the sarong can be worn as a dress, long skirt, short skirt, mini skirt, bathing suit, shawl, scarf, turban or toga. Other less convential uses for sarongs have been known to include:

  • Fabric for sewing
  • Seat cover
  • Table cloth
  • Wall hanging
As you can see, uses for sarongs are only limited to your imagination.